All about your Wellbeing


Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. It is a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. In short, wellbeing could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.

Factors that influence wellbeing

Every aspect of your life influences your state of wellbeing. Researchers investigating happiness have found the following factors enhance a person's wellbeing:

Happy intimate relationship with a partner

Network of close friends

Enjoyable and fulfilling career

Enough money

Regular exercise

Nutritional diet

Sufficient sleep

Spiritual or religious beliefs

Fun hobbies and leisure pursuits

Healthy self-esteem

Optimistic outlook

Well-being goes a long way in describing the extent of public health in variant ways and measures which are at the core of the public’s and at individuals’ perceptions on matters of health. Full Post